Two Reasons Why A Pool Builder Might Recommend A Particular Pool Shape


Here are two reasons why a property owner's pool builder might suggest that they choose a particular pool shape.

To ensure the new pool fits the aesthetic of its surroundings

One reason a pool builder may make this recommendation is to ensure that the pool they construct fits the aesthetics of its surroundings. For instance, if a property owner is building an outdoor pool in their garden, which has a very organic, natural look with irregularly-shaped flowerbeds, curving paths and lots of wildflowers, their pool builder might recommend they opt for a kidney-shaped or freeform pool. A pool whose shape is irregular or curving (or both) would match the natural look of this environment far more than a rectangular pool with sharp corners and perfectly straight lines.

On the other hand, if the setting in which a pool builder's client wants their pool constructed has lots of minimalistic, contemporary architectural features, the builder might advise them to select a geometric-shaped pool that has a streamlined, sleek appearance. The sharp edges and clean lines of this pool shape are likely to complement the aesthetic of this setting more than one that lacks uniformity and features lots of curves.

If a client's property has lots of classic Mediterranean-inspired design features, their pool builder might advise them to go for a Grecian-style pool shape, which might be rectangular and feature rounded corners and straight sides. This would create a pool that has a touch of formality to its design but also has some softness and elegance (provided by its curved corners). This would fit in nicely with the stylish-but-inviting Mediterranean aesthetic.

To ensure the new pool meets the client's practical needs

Another reason a pool builder might suggest that their client choose a specific pool shape is to ensure that the new pool meets their client's practical needs. For example, if the client primarily wants their new pool built because they wish to regularly swim laps in it, their pool builder might advise them to build a long rectangular-shaped pool instead of one that has lots of curves and is shorter in length. 

Likewise, if a client has a relatively small and irregularly-shaped space available for their new pool, their builder might recommend they opt for a freeform pool. This would probably result in some parts of the pool being wider than others. This, in turn, would ensure the pool would be proportionate to its surroundings but would still be spacious enough in certain spots to allow multiple people to comfortably swim or relax.

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5 June 2023

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