Two tips for those who want to sell a property that has a pool


If the property you want to sell has a pool, you might find it helpful to follow the advice here.

Have the pool cleaned each week whilst the property is for sale

You may have to let dozens of people view the property over the course of several months before it sells. During this time, you should ensure that the pool is sanitised, skimmed and tidied up by a swimming pool cleaning specialist every week. The reason for this that whilst a swimming pool can definitely be an attractive and valuable property feature, it also has the power to put people off buying a property if it's in not well-maintained.

For example, if you don't get the pool cleaned for several weeks and someone comes to view the property, the sight of slimy algae floating in the pool water or the rubbish bobbing on top of it might simply remind them of the effort that they would have to put into taking care of it, which might then cause them to rethink their decision to buy the property.

Conversely, if a contractor keeps the pool skimmed and sanitised, those who view this property will get to see this feature when it's at its best; that is, when its water is clear, sparkling and free of detritus and the pool tiles are swept and shiny. When it's in this condition, the pool could entice people who view it to seriously consider buying the property. Speak with a professional who provides swimming pool cleaning services to learn more. 

Stage the pool area

In between the visits from the contractor who cleans the pool, you should keep the pool area staged, much like you would stage the house interior before viewings. Doing this will encourage people that view the property to envision all of the benefits of owning a home that has a pool.

For example, if you set up a couple of stylish pool loungers on the freshly cleaned pool tiles and place a little table with some cocktail glasses on it between them, this might encourage people to conjure up images of themselves sunbathing and sipping drinks by the pool. Likewise, if there are pretty potted plants surrounding the pool, the diving board ladder is polished to a shine and there is an outdoor dining area set up right next to the pristine pool water, it will be easy for people to envisage their family and friends socialising and having fantastic pool parties on this property.


16 September 2020

Salt Water Pools: Pros, Cons and Analyses

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