Two Situations in Which Your Pool Builder Might Recommend Opting for a Fairly Shallow Pool


Here are two situations in which your pool builder might advise you to opt for a relatively shallow swimming pool.

Your budget for the pool's construction is modest and you only plan to use the pool for relaxing or cooling off

If you have a small construction budget and you only plan to use the pool for relaxing or for cooling off on hot summer days, then your pool builder will probably recommend that you create a pool whose deep end is not particularly deep. The reason for this is that a pool with a deep end of, for example, five feet, will cost more to build than one whose deepest part is three feet. This is because the builder would need to spend more time excavating the ground, and would need to use more materials (like concrete, pool tiles, etc.), which would result in the pool's construction costing more.

Whilst if you were intending to swim laps in this pool on a regular basis or wanted to set up a diving board beside it, the builder might recommend having a deep end of greater depth (because diving into a relatively shallow pool could be dangerous, and it's very difficult to do a flip turn at the end of a lap when you're in shallow water), there is no real need for a very deep section in your pool if you don't have any interest in these activities. In your situation, having a particularly deep section would be a waste of your budget, as it would have no positive effect on the time you spend in the pool in the future.

The pool will be ornamental

If you want the pool builder to build a beautiful pool purely to make your outdoor space beautiful and to perhaps add extra value to your home, then it's unlikely that the builder will tell you to add a deep end to this structure.  As mentioned, a pool's deep end is only required for certain types of swimming and diving activities. More importantly, in this situation, where your goal is to have the pool enhance the overall beauty of the property, having it built so that it has a very deep section would be counterintuitive, as to ensure this pool continues to serve its aesthetic purpose, you'll need to put lots of effort into keeping it immaculately clean.

If the pool's deep end is, for instance, six feet deep, it will take a long time and be very tiring to scrub this section's lower walls and floor. You might even get into the habit of skipping over this area, due to how difficult it is to clean, in which case the lower, hard-to-reach areas of the deep end's walls might end up covered in dirt or slimy algae, which would spoil the pool's aesthetic.

Talk to a pool builder for more information. 


31 May 2022

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