Two tips for those who want to sell a property that has a pool


If the property you want to sell has a pool, you might find it helpful to follow the advice here. Have the pool cleaned each week whilst the property is for sale You may have to let dozens of people view the property over the course of several months before it sells. During this time, you should ensure that the pool is sanitised, skimmed and tidied up by a swimming pool cleaning specialist every week.

16 September 2020

Top 4 Pool Pump Care And Maintenance Areas To Discuss With Your Contractor


With a pool of your own, you can host those poolside parties, cool off with friends and family during the hot days and enjoy a nice swim any time you want. To enjoy all this, you must ensure that your pool pump is running well at all times. If your pool pumps are running efficiently, then you can look forward to enjoying the water anytime you wish to not spending too much on energy bills, or even a new pump.

8 January 2020