Swimming Pool Supplies: A Guide


Swimming pools are a great addition to any home. However, before diving right in, you must understand what supplies are necessary for the task at hand. This blog post will go over the swimming pool supplies you need to take to maintain your pool properly.

Power washer

A power washer will be required to clean the surface of your pool thoroughly so algae growth or dirt buildup will not be an issue down below. It's also important to note that a power washer is not a substitute for the proper chemical cleaning of the pool. A chemical cleaner is designed to kill viruses, bacteria, algae, etc., while a power washer will do little more than remove scum from the side and bottom of your pool. There are many brands of pool power washers available on the market. If you need help finding the right one, speak to a supplier.

Pool chemicals

If you're using a chemical cleaner, then you'll likely need some additional products to help rebuild your exterior walls. Algaecide kits are great for this purpose since they will rid all water in your pool of algae and other residues that may have gathered on the exterior walls and surface of the water. Anti-scum is also recommended for use on your swimming pool walls, but be sure to follow the instructions of the kit's label. A scum remover can be used to clean algae off of rocks or other fixtures located in your pool, but you'll want to keep this product away from any aquatic life. This is because it may be toxic to marine life, causing them to die.

Pool filter

A filter will help maintain water quality for your pool. A top or top-end filter is best for this purpose since it will remove debris and even prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses that may cause a chemical imbalance in your pool water. A bottom filter is also good to have, as it will remove any dirt or scum that may have drifted to the bottom of your pool. 

Water tester

You must keep your pool water balanced or else bacteria could start to grow on the surface of the water. This can be done by purchasing a test kit that will allow you to test the alkalinity, pH, hardness and chlorine of your pool.

If you would like more advice and information, you should contact a company which sells pool supplies.


20 October 2021

Salt Water Pools: Pros, Cons and Analyses

Welcome to my blog. My name is Katie, and due to a sensitivity to chlorine, I converted the pool in my yard to a salt water pool. Through the process, I studied a lot about these pools, and I learned their various pros and cons. If you are thinking about installing a pool or hot tub in your yard, you should think about salt water. I invite you to get comfortable and explore this blog. I hope these posts encourage, inspire and inform you so that the next time you are ready to get wet, you have the pool you want and need.