How To Interview Your Swimming Pool Builder


Finding a swimming pool builder for your residential swimming pool project can be a daunting task. More often than not, homeowners are often concerned about the swimming pool's safety, durability and appeal. Below are some questions to help you interview a swimming pool builder

What Is Your Experience? 

Ask the builder to send his or her portfolio. It will give you a glimpse of the builder's work quality. Some builders will take you to some of their ongoing projects. You could also contact some of the builder's clients and inquire about their pricing, work ethic and customer relations policy.

How Will You Prepare For The Construction Work? 

The builder should conduct a site visit to determine the viability of your project. He or she will assess the building laws to determine if there are restrictions on swimming pool construction. The builder will also examine the site for risks such as underground utilities. Besides, the area should be accessible to plant equipment used to build the pool. 

What Design Is Appropriate For The Property? 

A well-built swimming pool should complement your landscape. The builder could advise you to go for an infinity pool to take advantage of natural features such as a horizon, water bodies and mountains. He or she could also ask you to consider appealing designs such as L-shaped, kidney or oval-shaped pools. The climate of your area could also influence the design of the pool. For instance, enclosed swimming pools are ideal for cold areas or those exposed to storms. The builder should improve the pool's appeal by incorporating landscaping elements such as trees, pavements, decks or patios.  

How Will You Cut Construction Costs? 

An experienced builder can help you reduce the construction costs without compromising the quality and appeal of the pool. For instance, you could use recycled steel when laying concrete work. If your home has a steep slope, the builder could advise you to go for an above ground pool to save on excavation costs. Equipment such as water heaters, water pumps and pipes should be purchased during the cold season when sellers are ready to give discounts. 

What Are Your Terms? 

Once you hire the swimming pool builder, he or she will expect you to pay a deposit. Ideally, the remaining costs should be paid in portions after the builder completes a construction milestone. The builder should have reasonable terms of contract termination and dispute resolution. Besides, he or she should have adequate insurance coverage. 

When interviewing a swimming pool contractor, inquire about their experience, preparation protocol and terms. The builder should also advise you on an appropriate design and how to cut construction costs. 


10 February 2021

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