Top 4 Pool Pump Care And Maintenance Areas To Discuss With Your Contractor


With a pool of your own, you can host those poolside parties, cool off with friends and family during the hot days and enjoy a nice swim any time you want. To enjoy all this, you must ensure that your pool pump is running well at all times.

If your pool pumps are running efficiently, then you can look forward to enjoying the water anytime you wish to not spending too much on energy bills, or even a new pump. Here is a look at a few areas you will certainly want to go through with your pool contractor that may impact this efficiency.

1. Pump Overheating

Lack of poor air circulation during operation causes pool pumps to overheat. If this happens, then the pump may malfunction, not to mention that it may significantly reduce your pump's lifespan.

One way to keep it cool is to ensure the contractor sets it up away from plants and mulch as these hinder proper air circulation. Exposure to direct sunlight also raises its temperature. To avoid this, have your contractor install a solar pool cover to block direct sunlight.

2. Pests and insects

Pests and insects will be attracted to the warmth and shelter that pool pumps provide. Unfortunately, these pests and insects can block your unit.

Ensure you ask about the appropriate insecticide and means to administer to avoid contamination. When it comes to pests such as rodents, they can cause damage to the pump. Ensure you consult with your contractors to build a durable enclosure for the pump to protect it from pest damage.

3. Unit Leakage

In most cases, leakage will occur as a result of a worn-out mechanical seal due to old age, improper installation or overheating in the pump. In this case, replacing the parts is necessary to avoid further damage.

You should have your contractor provide contacts details for spare parts dealers within your vicinity. Talk to your contractor about how to proactively go about preventing leakages.

4. Pump Freezing

Unit freezing is quite common when the temperatures are very low. Have your contractor advise you on winterising options. An alternative option would be to have your contractor equip your pool with freeze protection equipment. These work by automatically turning on the pump and pool heater when the air temperature drops to very low temperatures.

Pool pumps are no small investment. You want to make sure that you have professional advice on how to avoid different eventualities, and what to do when they do occur.

For more information, reach out to a contractor that offers pool pump services.


8 January 2020

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