Are You Considering a Glass Pool Fence for Your Property?


If you have a pool on your property, you are probably legally required to have a fence of some sort. This is to provide a barrier for children and even wildlife so they don't get into the pool unexpectedly; a good fence can also keep out unwanted and uninvited guests when you're away from home. Note a few factors to consider, and some commonly asked questions, about a glass pool fence, so you can determine if this is the right style and option for your home.

What is a frameless fence?

A frameless fence is made of glass panels that are set in the ground and which are not connected to each other, so there is no need for a frame around them. This can be the best choice for those who want the most unobstructed view from the pool, or into the pool area. It also means a more modern and clean look for the pool area. An installer can tell you if the frameless variety would be able to withstand high winds and strong storms, if these are common in your area, and what height is needed for your local regulations.

Note, however, that a frameless glass fence may not satisfy requirements for a railing, if this is required around your pool or other space. You may need an added railing to the top of the frameless fence to meet this requirement, so discuss this option with your contractor or installer as well.

Can glass fences be installed on all surfaces?

Only a contractor or installer can tell you if their fence can be installed on a particular surface, but you shouldn't have any more limitations on installing a glass pool fence than you would any other material, since it's the footer that is attached to the ground surface, not the glass itself. This footing for a glass fence can usually be bolted to concrete and tile of all varieties, and a footer made of concrete can also usually be poured onto soil or grass, to hold the glass fence in place.

Do birds and other animals run into a glass fence?

Many glass pool fences are too low to worry about birds flying into them, but if you are concerned about birds and wildlife in your area, consider having some frosted stripes added to the fence. A long stripe near the bottom can deter wildlife from running into the fence, and another long stripe near the top of the fence can keep birds away from the fence as well.


8 May 2017

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