Pool Shop | 3 Shrewd Thoughts Before Introducing Towel Racks To Your Pool Deck


Backyard pools are favourites with many Aussie homes because of the favourable climate during most parts of the year. Since your family and friends probably enjoy regular swims in your backyard, you may want to install a towel rack on the pool deck to keep those damp feet away from the insides of your home. But before you head off to the pool shop to find towel racks, consider these shrewd thoughts for long-term value.

Consider Materials For Towel Racks That Tolerate The Test Of Time

Poolside towel racks are prone to constant dampness, especially if people use the pool often in your home. Not every towel rack material is going to be as long-term as others, so be prudent with your choices if you want to avoid buying new ones frequently. For instance, wood is unequalled in appearance, but the constant dampness from pool towels will cause the wood to rot and warp over time. This will result in frequent sealing or painting needs. Alternatively, you may have to end up buying new ones if the wood is beyond repair. A good long-term towel rack choice is PVC or aluminium. These materials are naturally resistant to rust and weathering, which makes them ideal for poolside towel racks. Check with your pool shop about getting these installed on your deck.

Consider Colours That Don't Stick Out Like Sore Thumbs

A pool towel may not sound like a vital accessory, but it can be an eyesore if you don't find a way to integrate it with your existing décor. For instance, if you have a beige-stone pool deck appearance, then a good idea would be to either complement or match the look. A matching pool towel rack would borrow the same beige-stone colour scheme, while a complementary appearance would draft colours like blue. Blue sits opposite beige/orange on the colour wheel. You may use the wheel as a reference to establish complementary towel rack colours to your pool deck.

Think Of The Towel Rack Style You Want

Towel racks are extremely versatile, allowing you the opportunity to introduce any style you desire based on individual penchants or existing design. For example, if you have an older Victorian style home, you can inject the same elaborate curves into your towel rack for a harmonised appearance. If you have a contemporary home, then sleek towel racks feature a streamlined appearance. You can also decide how big or small you want your towel rack to be based on your specific needs. A pool shop that customises pool accessories can help you plan a towel rack perfectly suited to your pool deck.

Before heading to the pool shop, follow these shrewd thoughts before introducing towel racks to your deck.


15 September 2016

Salt Water Pools: Pros, Cons and Analyses

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