General Care and Maintenance Tips for a Swimming Pool


If you own a swimming pool then you probably know to add chlorine as needed and to ensure the pump is always in good working order. While these simple tasks can go a long way toward keeping your pool clean and ready for a swim, there is much more to owning and maintaining a pool than just adding chemicals and letting the equipment do its job. Note a few general care and maintenance tips for a swimming pool and be sure you follow these with your own pool so it's always in good working order.

1. Water levels

The water levels are very important to the pool's condition; if there is too much water in the pool and the level goes above the filter or skimmer, floating debris won't get pulled into the filter area. If the water level is too low to reach the filter or skimmer, it won't get properly pulled through. Note the recommended levels for your pool and ensure that the automatic water pump is working properly if you have one; if you need to refill the pool manually, ensure that you do this after hot summer days when water is likely to evaporate. Vacuuming and backwashing can also lower the water levels. If the water is consistently too high, note if the water pump needs recalibrating so it doesn't keep filling the pool unnecessarily.

2. Cleaning the skimmer and pump basket

The skimmer and pump basket will typically get full of debris as they pull water through and catch items like leaves and twigs. Not cleaning these will make the pump work harder to pull water through and, in turn, you may find that the water isn't filtered and cleaned as it should be. You may also need to replace the pump sooner than you should. Check the pump basket and skimmer as often as recommended by your pool manufacturer, and more so if your pool tends to collect leaves, twigs, grass clippings, and the like.

3. Cover the pool

To keep debris out of the filter and skimmer, cover your pool regularly. You might get in the habit of doing this when you cut your grass but may leave the pool uncovered when your neighbor trims their lawn, allowing their grass clippings to collect on your pool's surface. Remember that rain can bring dust and dirt with it, so cover the pool when it rains. It can actually be good to cover the pool anytime it's not in use but especially so when it's at increased risk for catching any type of debris that can clog your filter and skimmer.

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17 May 2016

Salt Water Pools: Pros, Cons and Analyses

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