Inground Swimming Pool Construction And Trees - Considerations For Homeowners


If you're considering having an inground swimming pool installed in your garden and you have trees growing in the vicinity, there are some considerations you'll have to make.  Read on for some helpful information about existing trees and inground swimming pool construction.

Should you install an inground pool next to trees?

The main issue with installing a swimming pool in close proximity to trees is the potential damage that root growth could cause to the liner of your pool, especially if it's made of vinyl.  Generally speaking, the root system of the tree won't far exceed the spread of its canopy.  Therefore, if you construct the pool at least 20 metres outside of the canopy's spread, your pool should be safe.  Another consideration here is the age of the trees in question.  Fully mature trees won't grow spread any further, but younger specimens can be expected to continue growing, so take this into account when siting your pool.

Constructional implications aside, there is also the general pool maintenance side of things to consider.  All trees shed their leaves, needles, and fruit to some degree at different times of the year.  Add to this a download of loose twigs and other debris during stormy weather, and you could end up having a major pool cleaning project to content with every year.  Birds may also be inclined to roost in your trees, creating a potential health hazard if their droppings finish up in your pool.

Another consideration is the shade afforded by trees in close proximity to the pool.  During the spring and summer, direct sunlight can really help to raise the temperature of an unheated pool, so you don't want it cut out completely by tree canopies. 

How can you prevent damage to your trees while the pool is under construction?

The best way to protect your trees from damage during the construction process is by shielding the trunks with a temporary plastic fence.  Place the fence as far out from the trees as you can to prevent the ground around the trees from becoming compacted and damaging the root system.  Plastic fencing will also stop contractors' equipment from hitting the tree trunks.

Be aware that a build-up of soil around the base of a tree could cause root rot, which will eventually kill the tree.  Make sure that any soil left over from the installation of your pool is removed and not left where it could cause damage to your trees.

In conclusion

If you enjoy trees in your garden, but you also want to have an inground swimming pool installed, you'll need to take into account the considerations outlined above.  For further advice on trees and pool construction, have a chat with a professional firm of pool contractors.


9 May 2016

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