Is It Time To Replace Your Swimming Pool Filter?


Your swimming pool's filter is one of the most hardworking components. You may be under the presumption that the filter will be fine as long as your pool is not collecting excessive amounts of debris, but this is untrue. In fact, even what you may deem as small amounts of debris could end up damaging your pool filter in the long run since they are steadily accumulating inside the filter and eventually diminishing its functionality. Therefore, as a swimming pool owner, it's your responsibility to know when the pool filter is showing signs of decline so that you can have it replaced as soon as possible and prevent your pool water from being contaminated. So how do you know if it is time to replace your swimming pool filter?

The cartridge in the pool filter is frayed

The cartridge inside the pool filter is what will sift the debris into the filter. When the pool pump forces water into the filter, both the chemicals and the debris in the water push against the cartridges too. Since these cartridges are the first point of contact for any contaminants coming into the filter, they are bound to degrade over time. It is imperative to inspect the cartridge on occasion for signs of wear since these signs will be indicative of the need for immediate replacement. A few of the symptoms you should not ignore include holes in the cartridge, tears and fraying.

The ridges in the filter are flat

The ridges in your pool filter function to trap all the contaminants that have infiltrated your swimming pool. Hence, the ridges are a crucial part of the functioning of the entire filter. The ridges comprise pleats so you should check if they are in their regular form if they have begun to flatten out. If the ridges are indeed flat, then you should call a pool contractor to come to replace the entire pool filter.

The bands around the cartridge have come apart

Your cartridge filter is held together by bands that ensure that the cartridge does not succumb to the pressure of the water being directed by the pool pump into the filter. However, since the bands are exposed to pressure on a constant basis, they are at the risk of eventually snapping. Once the bands snap, it is imperative to replace the entire pool filter because the band's function is to hold all the pleats together. Furthermore, because the pleats work to trap debris, snapped bands translates into a filter that is not functioning.

Check over your pool filter to see if everything is in good condition. If it isn't, contact a pool company near you like Leisure Coast Pool Centre for replacement equipment. 


8 July 2019

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