Kids-Friendly Swimming Pool Features Ideal For Your Family Pool


You can make your family pool more fun for your kids by adding some custom-made pool features.  Make sure that your children understand the features and how to use them properly so as to avoid unnecessary accidents. Below are great examples of ideas you can borrow to customize your pool to make it super fun for kids.

Heated Pool

A heated pool is a great idea for you to prolong the swimming season for kids. During the cold seasons allow your kids to swim in a heated pool for a given duration. It can be quite expensive to heat your pool throughout the day, and hence, you will need a swimming schedule. Also, to lower the heating costs, opt for a solar heating system for pools.

It's not advisable to let kids operate, switch on or off and tamper with the heating system. Also, ensure you keep your pool covered overnight, especially during the cold season so as to conserve energy. Swimming pools that remain uncovered overnight lose approximately 5 degrees Fahrenheit every day.  A perimeter wall round the pool area will also help conserve energy by obstructing strong winds that worsen pool heat loss.

A Pool Slide

There are numerous designs and styles of swimming pool slides you can choose from when you plan to install one at home. The size of your compound and swimming pool will determine the size of the slide you go for and where it will be positioned. It's best to have such a feature positioned at a point where it's visible from the house so that you can watch kids play even when you're in the house.

Clean and disinfect your slide, preferably every time you're cleaning the pool. Also, make sure you rinse the slide thoroughly to clean out any detergent remnants that can easily make the kids slide while climbing up the slide. Also, inspect your slide for any breakages, cracks or foreign objects that may cause grave accidents or harm your kids.

A Pool Spa

A pool spa is a great feature for kids to relax and unwind after a long day of play. However, kids will probably enjoy the spa every time either they are tired or not. You can choose to have a portable pool spa that is separate from the main pool. Also, you can have the pool-spa combo, whereby the spa is part of the main pool. The pool spa is then located on one end of the pool with a barrier to mark the demarcation between the main pool and spa area.

You may want to spruce up your spa by having LED lights installed on the sides to create a beautiful, serene ambiance, especially in the late evenings. You may also choose multicolored lights to make the view more exciting for kids. Deck jets also come in handy in the spa. You can choose to have warm water jets to make the experience even more interesting.

Adopt some modern and great ideas to upgrade your swimming pool and make it more fun for your kids.   


29 April 2016

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