A Basic Pool Care Checklist for New Pool Owners


If you're a new pool owner, you may be overwhelmed by all the basic equipment and parts that go into keeping the pool safe and ready for a swim. A pool is connected to a pump which pushes water through a filter and a chlorinator and back again. While the pool does this on its own and is very self-maintaining, you will still need a list of pool equipment that will keep it clean and keep your swimmers safe. Note a basic checklist for new pool owners.

1. Testing kits

It's good to test the pH of your pool's water often, usually weekly or as advised by your pool manufacturer. You may also want to test it after a storm or any other potential contamination if you've had a lot of visitors to the pool recently or for any other reason you think the pool's water may not be clean. You can get these testing kits at your local pool supply store, but be sure you understand how they should be used and how to adjust the pool chlorination and other chemicals, depending on those test results.

2. Cleaning supplies

The chlorinator and pump will keep your pool clean, but you need to do this on your own as well. Invest in a long skimmer to pull out leaves and other debris and a brush meant to scrub the pool's walls. A vacuum is also needed to clean the bottom of the pool; an automatic vacuum will go back and forth along the pool floor on its own and can save you time and effort.

Your supplies should also include chemicals that may be needed for your pool water in particular. For example, your pool may be prone to algae buildup along the walls, and an algae killer might be added as needed. There may also be more calcium in your water than usual, and certain softeners may keep this from staining the pool walls and drying your skin.

3. Covers and alarms

A pool cover can keep the water clean when you're not in the pool, and also keep children and pets out of the water. A pool alarm can sound if something hits the water, and this is a good choice for ensuring a child doesn't make it into the pool without your supervision. Considering investing in these for your own pool so you know it's always clean and safe for you and your family.


27 October 2015

Salt Water Pools: Pros, Cons and Analyses

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